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Students and their parents often have questions about how things are going in driving school or after getting their driving licence. On this page we have put together some answers to the most common questions.

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When can I start lessons at driving school?
  You can start taking the moped and moped license course at the age of 14,5 and you can take the theory test 1 month before you turn 15. You can legally start driving lessons when you turn 15. People with a passenger car license can start driving school 2 years before they turn 18. However, the driving school recommends that you start your B course at the earliest 2-3 months before turning 18. You can take the theory test 1 month before your 18th birthday and the driving test when you turn 18.
What is included in the course

An essential part of every driving test is a theory test, the format of which varies from card to card. For the passenger car/moped/moped licence, the theory test consists of 15 questions, 50 pictures and 5 questions on risk management.

The theory test has a time limit. The total time allowed for the test is 30 minutes.


NOTE! If you are diagnosed with a dyslexia, for example, the theory test can be taken orally without time limit. The certificate must be accepted at the test station before the theory test is booked. Please remember to mention this to our office as soon as you start driving school.


You can take the theory test 1 month before your age as long as you have completed the necessary theory lessons and your driving licence is in order!


After the theory test, you must take a driving test. The driving test lasts approximately 65 minutes.
A moped licence holder will also have a driving test. The driving test lasts about 45 minutes.
For moped licence holders, a handling test of about 15 minutes is required.

I am taking a B-passenger car course, which theory lessons do I need to complete?


  • Those taking the B-passenger car course without a previous license will complete the basics of traffic, EAS, theory lessons 1-4 and risk management theory lessons 1-4, a total of 8 theory lessons.
  • If you already have an earlier license and you are coming for the passenger car course to get a  B license, you will have to attend 4 compulsory theory lessons in Risk Management 1-4.
At what point do I need my photo ID?

You will need to carry a photo ID with you when applying for a driving licence permit at Ajovarma and when taking theory, handling and driving tests.

Examples of photo ID include a previous driving licence, a valid passport and a government issued photo ID card.

Can I pay my invoice in instalments?


Our course invoices include a payment by instalments guide, which allows you to pay the invoice according to progress of your course.

You can also split your invoice into smaller instalments using our flexible payment options.

What payment options are available?

Easy Driver offers a wide range of payment options. Payment options include

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express)
  • Mobile payment (MobilePay, Pivo, Siirto and Apple Pay)
  • Bills and instalments (OP-Lasku, Jousto, Walley)

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Please note that we do not accept cash as a means of payment.