Other services

Driving package for Car 1,
5 additional lessons

350 €

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  • 5 additional driving lessons. This package is available for people who purchased one of the Passenger car packages.

Driving package for Car 2,
3 additional lessons

220 €

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  • 3 additional driving lessons. You can combine additional driving lessons with any of our Passenger car course packages.

Driving evaluation

160 €

Driving ban training

163 €

At Easy Driver you can pay for your course in flexible ways

You can easily pay your course invoice by credit or in instalments. Check out our comprehensive payment options by clicking on the link below. You can also find out more about payment methods by contacting our office.

Driving school services from Easy Driver

Fees for govenrment services are not included in the course packages but are paid separately to Ajovarma Oy.

Haven’t driven in a while? Don’t worry, we can give you one or more driving lessons as a refresher. Vehicles range from manual to automatic transmission.

More information about our services on 020 7280 804